Cooler Master HAF 922 Water Cooled i7 Project

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Wow... Long time since a post!

Been a long time I posted anything - been too busy enjoying my machine.  Today I felt inspired to work on the logo project - don't know why I just felt like I need to do it.

Go to my pages and check out logo work - it is on the case and looks sharp!

See new Logo Page --> HERE

More Photos - mmmm greeeeen

I just added a whole new bunch of photos now that I got my camera to cooperate with me.  I took some night shots of the system with the glow effects now that I've replaced that dying UV Cathode light.  I so love the way this stuff has turned out.

See new Night Photos Page --> HERE

Oh yeah, I also did a tweak to my SATA power cable today too - moved a couple connectors around so I don't have this big ugly loop of cables hanging in the middle of my case.

See SATA Cable Modification Page --> HERE

New Photo Shoot

I made enough changes to the case that warranted taking new photos.  I also uploaded larger resolution images so the detail is better.  The rear view is the same as before but now I have all new front, side and interior photos to share.

Go to the Photo Shoot page --> HERE

Coolant Change

I changed the coolant over today - drained the distilled water and put in my Feser 1 UV reactive green coolant.  Now the reservoir glows and even the CPU block because it has a clear top!  Very cool.  Now I just have to replace that stupid top UV light because it is dying - cheap piece of ...

Link to Coolant Change Page --> HERE

Stealth Technology!!!

Well not really, but still darn cool!  I "stealthed" my DVD drive today to make it a little more subtle in the case.  Essentially, I modified one of the drive bay blank panels to attach to my DVD drive tray mechanism.  First glance at the case it looks like I don't have a DVD drive in there.  Push on the bottom corner of the top panel blank or use Windows to Eject the drive and Ta-Da!!!  There it is.

Link to Stealthing page --> HERE